On Samstag, 15. März 2008, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Mar 2008, Martin Prochnow wrote:
> > This hole TTF and UTF-8 crap makes the handling of the icons very
> > complicated. Maybe it is the best for now to replace the icons with
> > normal letters until VDR provides support icons. I don't want to
> > dictate the users what font they have to use.
> These dedicated letters can be easily detected in skins and replaced by
> real icons as already done for event markers (and progressbar) in
> skinsoppalusikka.

You're right that's possible, but you lose scaling, so the resulting 
(static) symbol might be too small or large. And it's error-prone because 
you have to exactly know where you have to replace which characters.

Sure, it's not a perfect solution to use a patched font, even as it's not a 
lot of work getting your own patched font by using my fontforge script. But 
you have scaling out-of-the-box and it's clear where a plugin developer 
wants which symbols and it's even clearer when using UTF8 because then 
there are no characters that have to be replaced by anyone's PatchFont().
The only thing a plugin developer has to do is to use the correct characters 
in both cases which should not be too hard to implement: a simple check in 
the plugin's start() for UTF8 could assign the correct characters to 
variables that can be used at the needed places.
And this even works for skins that don't implement symbol-by-character 
replacement like skinsoppalusikka or EnigmaNG.

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