Some satellites have many channels with same sid, nid, tid on different 
transponders. This is incorrect pid table, and vdr works with it not good, need 
scan channels and change rid manually, but if you select "transponder update" 
all you settings will be rewrite and channels deleted as duplicate.
I have this trouble on ABS1 75.0 E and Express AM2 80.0 E, and I have very many 
channels with same pids on my iptv stream. 
After this patch, vdr parsing duplicate pids, and if transponders is not equal, 
channel not deleted, but rid wil be increased. If pids and transponders are 
equal, channel will be deleted as duplicate.
Patch was made for vdr-1.5.12, but works with 1.5.15 too.
Attached 3 patches, for native vdr and vdr + iptv plugin patched and for native 
reelchannelscan-0.4.1 plugin (include patch for 1.5.xx).

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