Hello all,

I've rebuilt my vdr with two DVB-T cards.
Until then it was running with a very old vdr (1.3) and DVB-S.
My locale was set to fr_FR in order to have the good charset and 
everything was fine (vdr menu and EPG in french).

With the new 1.5 series I've understood that vdr now supports unicode 
(since 1.5.12 ?) so my locale is now set to fr_FR.UTF-8.
The vdr menus are in french and the accentuated character are good ( é, 
è, î, à ...) but in the EPG the accentuated characters are wrong with 
some channels.
For exemple now, the EPG is showing "l'odyssøe" instead of "l'odyssée" 
on ARTE but is showing "Bien-être" on direct8 (which are the good 

Am I missing something ?
Somebody can help ?

Thanks in advance.


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