Füley István wrote:
>> External data source simply need to provide the strings in the
>> encoding used on your local system (presumably UTF-8).
>> Klaus
> This is what I did in my xmltv grab process:
> iconv --silent --from-code=ISO-8859-2 --to-code=UTF-8 
> --output=/opt/tigervdr/xmltv/hu-utf.xml /opt/tigervdr/xmltv/all.xml
> And this provides vdr the correct encoding for epg.

Looks like you might be using www.port.hu / www.port.ro as your data 
source. I used to use the romanian version some time ago, now I would 
like to set the whole thing up again. If you're really using that, could 
you please provide some relevant config snippets, scripts and requirements?


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