On 03/19/08 10:51, Éric Laly wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've rebuilt my vdr with two DVB-T cards.
> Until then it was running with a very old vdr (1.3) and DVB-S.
> My locale was set to fr_FR in order to have the good charset and 
> everything was fine (vdr menu and EPG in french).
> With the new 1.5 series I've understood that vdr now supports unicode 
> (since 1.5.12 ?) so my locale is now set to fr_FR.UTF-8.
> The vdr menus are in french and the accentuated character are good ( é, 
> è, î, à ...) but in the EPG the accentuated characters are wrong with 
> some channels.
> For exemple now, the EPG is showing "l'odyssøe" instead of "l'odyssée" 
> on ARTE but is showing "Bien-être" on direct8 (which are the good 
> characters).

Does the problem persist if you stop VDR, delete the epg.data file, and
restart it?


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