Jukka Tastula kirjoitti:
> On Tuesday 18 March 2008 17:38:20 Kartsa wrote:
>> I have DXR3 card with ADV7170. I have quite bad audio sync problems
>> with it and was wondering if there is some fw which is better over
> If you're using WSS you could try turning that off when testing. 
> Changing WSS mode the way it is implemented in the driver currently 
> makes the picture "jump" a little and from what I've observed this 
> causes the video to stop but audio keeps going. Obviously a single jump 
> will only desync it for some milliseconds, not enough to really notice 
> and definitely not enough to be annoyed by it.
> MTV3 likes to switch the mode a lot, though. And by a lot I mean between 
> every single commercial they reset to 4:3. This happens even when it is 
> not needed and will just be set back to 16:9 by the next one.
I did try recording TV1 instead of MTV3 and guess what, no sync problems 
what so ever. But the problem seems to be on MTV3 even if there is no 
commercial (this one I must still check more thorough). And the out of 
sync becomes easily to about 1 second which is REALLY anoying. Its like 
watching some asian movie with dubbed sound. I have not tried disabling 
wss and that would not be my first choise since I deliberately looked up 
an ADV7170 card because of its wss ability.


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