I repeat this message, as nobody gave any comments about this matter 
previously. Problem still exists in 1.5.18.
And in my opinion it's fault in VDR handling CA-field. Biggest problem is still 
limiting access to scrambled 
channels, as antenna 2 (card #3) receives only scrambled channels.

In my opinion CA-field is not anyway proper way to control devices access to 

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 07:59:27AM +0200, Antti Hartikainen wrote:
> Hello, list and Klaus.
> Is it possible to limit multiple DVB devices to access certain channel with 
> CA-field?
> I have following setup:
> Card #1: DVB-S full-featured (only for mpeg decoding and tv-output)
> Card #2: DVB-T budget (connected to antenna 1)
> Card #3: DVB-T budget (connected to antenna 2)
> Card #4: DVB-T budget (connected to antenna 1)
> So different DVB-cards can receive different multiplexes.
> Problem is:
> VDR doesn't seem handle correctly multiple CA-entries, when it's saving 
> channel config file.
> When defining CA field to 2,4 (editing config file by hand) to let both cards 
> 2 and 4 to access channel, VDR sets CA-field to 2. But 
> would be nice if both cards which are capable to receive channel, could do 
> it. In this case only one card gets it.
> And it is not possible to limit encrypted channels, which in my opinion is 
> most critical here;
> 1) When defining CA field to 3,B00 - VDR sets CA-field to 3, and this channel 
> won't be decrypted as it's not identified as Conax.
> 2) When defining CA field to B00,3 - VDR sets CA-field to B00, and every card 
> can access this channel.
> Anyway it would be nice to limit access for devices by frequency (DVB-T/C) 
> and by source (DVB-S, SourceCaps does this, any similar 
> for DVB-T?). Or atleast to get this CA-field limiting working ;)
> Testing done with vdr 1.5.15

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