On 03/23/08 10:46, Manfred Schmidt-Voigt wrote:
> Manfred Schmidt-Voigt schrieb:
>> Hello List,
>> I have a diskless VDR machine in my livingroom (so its very quit). My 
>> /video is mounted by nfs from a Servermachine under the roof. On that 
>> server I have set a groupquota for that /video directory to save some 
>> place for other applikations on that filesystem (raid 5 - 4x400G).
>> I have exeeded now the space on that filesystem for that group and in 
>> the syslog of the VDR I can see related messages.
>> Example:
>> Mar  9 08:52:32 stereo vdr: [4167] switching device 1 to channel 1
>> Mar  9 08:52:32 stereo vdr: [4167] timer 18 (1 0852-1152 '@TITLE 
>> EPISODE') start
>> Mar  9 08:52:32 stereo vdr: [4167] Title: 'Tigerenten Club' Subtitle: 
>> 'Der Club zum Mitmachen'
>> Mar  9 08:52:32 stereo vdr: [4167] record 
>> /video/@Tigerenten_Club_Der_Club_zum_Mitmachen/2008-03-
>> Mar  9 08:52:32 stereo vdr: [4167] creating directory 
>> /video/@Tigerenten_Club_Der_Club_zum_Mitmachen
>> Mar  9 08:52:32 stereo vdr: [4167] ERROR: 
>> /video/@Tigerenten_Club_Der_Club_zum_Mitmachen: Disk quota exceeded
>> But the VDR Software doesn't recognize that. It does not start to mark 
>> old recording for removing. In the menu overview it show still some 
>> hours free space util the end of the complete filesystem.
>> Now my question: Do I have to configure something special in VDR that 
>> it recognizes the Quota setting of that directory or have I to use 
>> userquota for the user of VDR (in my case it is root but if it is the 
>> only solution I could change it to a regular user, but only if it 
>> helps for my problem)?
>> Some revision data:
>> VDR 1.4.5 ( yes, I'm waiting for 1.6 )
>> Debian Etch on both VDR and Server
>> Thank you
>> Manfred
> Hi List,
> because nobody answers me I have to answer myself:
> No, VDR is not able to follow Quota. It is looking only for the standard 
> size parameters of the filesystem... ;-(
> So I had to help myself. The outcome is a patch/hack for my current VDR 
> Version 1.4.5. But it should be easy to apopt it also to newer versions. 
>  I have glued it together out of several GOOGLE sniplets. Maybe somebody 
> can look over this patch who has more ability to code this according 
> real C++ styles. I'm not used to progamm in C++. But for this little 
> patch it was sufficient.
> To use this you have to install the quota package on your server and 
> maybe the quota-utils on your client. For your convenience I have 
> included already the rquota-files into this patch. (I hope its according 
> to any licenses)
> Have fun
> Manfred

Sorry, but this is really too much to change for implementing quota handling.
Besides, if an application actually needs to do this much to follow system
quotas, doesn't this mean that apps that just don't care about quotas can
do whatever they want?

Shouldn't the presence of quotas mean that *every* application sees only
parameters that fit the current quota, without even "knowing" that it has
been limited?


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