Udo Richter schrieb:

> There's a lot going on in the hardware accelerated HDTV area lately. 
> Beside the two big graphic chipsets, there's the Intel Atom/Poulsbo 
> chipset offering full HDTV acceleration at low power, the Intel G45 
> chipset, the AMD 780G chipset, and a cooperation of NVidia and VIA for a 
> new unnamed HD capable low cost chipset.
> The question is: Which of them will offer decent open source drivers for 
> HD decoding, and when?

I wonder if every vendor pushes his own API for using these decoding
accelerators? Or is there some "standard" (It's surely beyond XvMC)?

Matrix-multiplying (AMD,Nvidia,S3,Intel) with (Linux, X.Org,
Mplayer/ffmpeg, Gstreamer,...) gives surely a lot of (duplicate) code.



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