Theunis Potgieter schrieb:

> So it appears there is no hope for my old machine with an AGP port, and
> nvidia G-Force 4 MMX 440. 

I sit in a similar board (GF3 / GF2MX).

> Looks like I will have to upgrade, but the craze
> will have to settle first before I buy anything. I wonder why they don't
> create add-on cards in PCI format? so that it will work on older machines? I
> guess they want you to upgrade to keep on making money...

I don't think a simple PCI card can handle the bandwidth. Think Full-HD
PAL Video:

1920*1080*3 Byte/Pixel (RGB) * 25 FPS = 148MiB/s uncompressed RGB Data
(For performance reasons one probably would even use 32bit/Pixel). The
"classic" PCI Bus only does 133MB/s.

> Isn't there a method to use OpenGL to assist HD decoding?

AFAIK most of the current accelerators (AMD AVIVO, nVidia PureVideo,...)
use the programmable shaders for decoding, scaling, colorspace
translation, etc.
Most of the newer AMD/ATI cards seem not to have a "traditional" backend
scaler anymore (making it hard for opensource driver devs to implement
XVideo as they now have to touch the 3D engine).



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