I demand that Igor may or may not have written...

> http://groups.google.com/group/coreavc-for-linux?hl=en

> here you can find a new patches for xine 1.1.12

> h264_pes.patch 
> demux_ts_fixes.patch 
> coreavc-xine-1.1.12_more.patch 
> coreavc-xine-1.1.11.patch 

NAK. Unattributed, no summary lines, no descriptions, insufficiently and
unsuitably split up, C++ comments, strange comments such as "My Hack". There
is at least one ABI change: a struct in a public header file is changed,
which automatically makes this 1.2 material.

Bug fixes then the h264 PES patch (without any ABI changes which are not
simple additions) sent to xine-devel if you want any of this added to
xine-lib. After that, the CoreAVC patches; one patch series against hg tip is
STRONGLY preferred.

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