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Oh nice ;-)

I don't know if I could manage to use the trial AVC with this or not,
but first I must be able to compil it...

I use hg to fetch my xine-lib-1.2, with this little script :

source /etc/make.conf
MAKE='sudo nice -n 4 make -j3'
OPTIONS="show update dry-run apply undry-run  unapply compile log exit"
select opt in $OPTIONS; do
        if [ "$opt" = "show" ]; then
                vi $p
        elif [ "$opt" = "update" ]; then
                hg pull -u http://hg.debian.org/hg/xine-lib/xine-lib-1.2/
        elif [ "$opt" = "dry-run" ]; then
                patch --dry-run -p1 < $p
        elif [ "$opt" = "apply" ]; then
                patch -p1 < $p
        elif [ "$opt" = "undry-run" ]; then
                patch --dry-run -p1 -R < $p
        elif [ "$opt" = "unapply" ]; then
                patch -p1 -R < $p
        elif [ "$opt" = "compile" ]; then
                sudo ./autogen.sh --disable-dxr3 --enable-opengl --enable-v4l \
                --enable-glu --enable-dvb --prefix=/usr --with-pulseaudio \
                --with-alsa --with-external-ffmpeg --with-fontconfig \
                --with-freetype --with-x --with-xv-path=/usr/X11R6/lib \
                --x-includes=/usr/include && $MAKE && $MAKE install && \
                sudo rm -fr /usr/lib/xine && $MAKE install && $MAKE distclean
        elif [ "$opt" = "log" ]; then
                hg log|less
        elif [ "$opt" = "exit" ]; then
                echo bad option

But I can't apply the needed patch as :
ls src/
audio_dec  audio_out  combined  demuxers  dxr3  input  libmpeg2new
libreal  libw32dll  Makefile.am  Makefile.in  post  spu_dec  vdr
video_dec  video_out  xine-engine  xine-utils

But ls .hg/store/data/src/
audio__dec  demuxers  liba52      libdivx4  libffmpeg  libmad
libmpg123    libspeex    libspudec   libtheora  libw32dll    libxvid
spu__dec    video__out
audio__out  dxr3      libac3      libdts    libflac    libmpeg2
libmusepack  libspucc    libspudvb   libvfill   libxineadec
_makefile.am.i  vdr         xine-engine
combined    input     libcinepak  libfaad   liblpcm    libmpeg2new
libreal      libspucmml  libsputext  libvorbis  libxinevdec  post
video__dec  xine-utils

Could someone explain me how to have libxinevdec in my src dir ?

Thank you very much,

> may be this news for you
> http://groups.google.com/group/coreavc-for-linux/browse_thread/thread/6bdb015cc88795e0?hl=en
> =============================================================
> Alan Nisota
> I've added initial xine support using the dshowserver.  This is the only 
> method I will support going forward.  Note that it is still 
> experimental, but I'll get the rough edges off pretty soon.  Feedback is 
> welcome of course.  There is a new Wiki page detailing installation as well. 
> It should work with 64-bit xine (if yu download the 32bit dshowserver) 
> I've tried it using QT/AVC1, MPEG2-TS/H264 and MKV/H264. 
> The old patch had support for some other demuxers (namely demux_mpeg.c) 
> which I haven't implemented because I don't have any example streams
> ============================================================

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