> > I give up for now, maybe the solution is to convert pes to ts and try to
> > play/convert it as I do with my sat receiver

>>When I try to mplayer the same vdr recording (ie 001.vdr) it find no video
>>track. I can only see them with xine from vdr or from command line
>>Does anybody has successfully convert those records ?

от the dvbn's site there's some explanation about your problem with recorded on 
VDR h.264 pes files

mpeg-pes is just a container for the video, in this case, h264... mpeg-pes can 
also encapsulate mpeg2 video. The default transmission of most cable/satellite 
channels use mpeg-ts. 

VDR, for some reason, converts all video and stores it as mpeg-pes. So, it's 
not a matter of people "viewing" pes h264. It only matters if your software 
player (myth, mplayer, xine, etc) knows how to demux h264 video in a mpeg-pes 
stream. I'm not sure exactly what VDR does, but it doesn't store it's video in 
a properly formed mpeg-pes container either, so if you want to play them in 
xine or mplayer you will need to "fix" the demuxer so they understand it. 

There were some patches floating around for Xine and someone asked the 
mplayer-mailing list for support, but was basically told that they would not 
further hack the demuxer to support something that's not standard. I'm not sure 
if the old Xine pes patch will work with what we have now.. I've been way too 
busy to even try the dshowserver + Xine.

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