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After a long wait the new VDRAdmin-AM release is finally online:
Have fun!


*** Changes from v3.6.1 -> v3.6.2 ***
- Changed: No need to set the VFAT option in VDRAdmin-AM any longer as
both filename codings will be searched for.
- Fixed: some bugs in tv.html.
- Fixed: command line options parsing.
- Fixed: pattern titles that contain double quotes.
- Fixed: timer titles that contain double quotes.
- Added: new command line switch "--ipv6" to use IO::Socket::INET6 for
networking (See bug report #462).
- Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
- Added: ST_STREAMDEV_HOST config option to set the name/ip to be used
for streaming.
- Fixed: m3u files for Xine (Reported by Robert C. Helling).
- Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Gringo).
- Updated: Spanish translation (Submitted by RĂ¼diger Jung).
- Updated: Finnish translation (Submitted by Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Changed: include UTF8 locales by default.
- Introduced new config options "GUI_POPUP_WIDTH" and
"GUI_POPUP_HEIGHT" for setting the prog_detail's window size
(Requested by Viking @vdr-portal.de).
- Added prev/next arrows in prog_list after each day (Requested by
Faudeer @vdr-portal.de).
- Show channel in prog_list even if it's not in the current channel
list; this is useful if prog_list is called by a link (e.g.
timer_list) (Requested by Faudeer @vdr-portal.de).
- Added support for modifying EPGSearch blacklists (Requested by dings
- Show stream and switch buttons in prog_summary on channels without
EPG information (Reported by Faudeer @vdr-portal.de).
- Added: Show channelname in recording's details (Suggested by Stefan Seyfried).
- Minor bugfixes and improvements.

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