Andreas Mair ha scritto:
> Hello everybody!
> After a long wait the new VDRAdmin-AM release is finally online:
> Have fun!
> Regards,
> Andreas
> *** Changes from v3.6.1 -> v3.6.2 ***
> - Changed: No need to set the VFAT option in VDRAdmin-AM any longer as
> both filename codings will be searched for.
> - Fixed: some bugs in tv.html.
> - Fixed: command line options parsing.
> - Fixed: pattern titles that contain double quotes.
> - Fixed: timer titles that contain double quotes.
> - Added: new command line switch "--ipv6" to use IO::Socket::INET6 for
> networking (See bug report #462).
> - Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
> - Added: ST_STREAMDEV_HOST config option to set the name/ip to be used
> for streaming.
> - Fixed: m3u files for Xine (Reported by Robert C. Helling).
> - Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Gringo).
> - Updated: Spanish translation (Submitted by RĂ¼diger Jung).
> - Updated: Finnish translation (Submitted by Rolf Ahrenberg).
> - Changed: include UTF8 locales by default.
> - Introduced new config options "GUI_POPUP_WIDTH" and
> "GUI_POPUP_HEIGHT" for setting the prog_detail's window size
> (Requested by Viking
> - Added prev/next arrows in prog_list after each day (Requested by
> Faudeer
> - Show channel in prog_list even if it's not in the current channel
> list; this is useful if prog_list is called by a link (e.g.
> timer_list) (Requested by Faudeer
> - Added support for modifying EPGSearch blacklists (Requested by dings
> - Show stream and switch buttons in prog_summary on channels without
> EPG information (Reported by Faudeer
> - Added: Show channelname in recording's details (Suggested by Stefan 
> Seyfried).
> - Minor bugfixes and improvements.
Hi Andreas,
i tried to installed the package and everything was good till i tried to 
connect to the page of my vdrbox using http:/ip_address:8001.

After long time i received a message in italian that i translate here 
"Can't connect to VDR at vdrbox.
Please check if VDR is running and if VDR's svdrphosts.conf is 
configured correctly."

What is the reason of this message?

My svdrphosts.conf is:             # always accept localhost        # any host on the local net
#      # a specific host
#            # any host on any net (USE THIS WITH CARE!)

My vdradmind.conf is (part of):

VDR_HOST = vdrbox
VDR_PORT = 2001

Thanks for anyone il help me.

DIego Pierotto

Member of the Italian VDR Wiki

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