Andreas Mair ha scritto:
Hi Diego,

maybe "vdrbox" can't be resolved on your VDR box. Try " -d
vdrbox help". You can also try to change "VDR_HOST = vdrbox" to
"VDR_HOST =" (while VDRAdmin-AM isn't running!).


On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 18:39, Diego Pierotto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Andreas,
i tried to installed the package and everything was good till i tried to
connect to the page of my vdrbox using http:/ip_address:8001.

After long time i received a message in italian that i translate here
"Can't connect to VDR at vdrbox.
Please check if VDR is running and if VDR's svdrphosts.conf is
configured correctly."

What is the reason of this message?

My svdrphosts.conf is:             # always accept localhost        # any host on the local net
#      # a specific host
#            # any host on any net (USE THIS WITH CARE!)

My vdradmind.conf is (part of):

VDR_HOST = vdrbox
VDR_PORT = 2001

Thanks for anyone il help me.

DIego Pierotto

Member of the Italian VDR Wiki

vdr mailing list


you are the man guy.
The problem was related to host resolution, i put in VDR_HOST and the page was found.

I'll put this info in our forum so other guys with the same problem can solve it :-)
Thank you for your support.

PS: i'm updatind the translation now that i can see my previous job and i'll send it when ready.

Diego Pierotto

Member of the Italian VDR Wiki
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