Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Hello Michael,
>> Does anybody use RF remote control with VDR instead of IR? How to 
>> configure such remotes?
> I used the ATI RemoteWonder with it. LIRC has support for it.

Or, if your remote is supported by the kernel input layer, you can use
the remote plugin. eg the X10 remotes work nicely this way:

$ modprobe -v ati-remote
$ EV="/dev/input/"$( cd "/sys/class/input" && grep -l 'X10' 
event*/device/manufacturer | sed -e 's,/.*,,' )
$ vdr ... -P "remote -i $EV"

(some remotes such as medion need a small kernel patch in order to handle
all keys and detect autorepeat properly)

The first time vdr is started with the remote plugin it will ask you to
press all keys and learn them, just like with any other input source.


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