On 24 Jul 2008, at 01:19, Georg Acher wrote:

>> - how is changing between video / s-video output and HDMI achieved?
>> Can they be enabled simultaneously, or change automatically based on
>> whether something is connected on the HDMI port?
> Analog SDTV output (576i/480i) works only when HDMI outputs 576p/ 
> 480p. For
> all other modes, the analog port (usually in YUV) works in parallel  
> with

Ok, the use case is me using the card on a regular TV with s-video or  
rgb input, then I'd like to turn on the projector that has HDMI input.

 From my understanding I'd just change the output mode from 576p to  
something higher, thus turning off SDTV output, and enabling HDMI?

How does the card work with plain SDTV interlaced output? Does it do  
field perfect 50Hz output like an old style FF card? Would you rather  
recommend a setup with both a FF card and an eHD card in the same  
computer for such a usage scenario?

Torgeir Veimo

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