Op Wo, 23 juli, 2008 20:00, schreef Goga777:
> several questions :)

I'll try to anwser them ;)

> - does eHD support 1080p ?

Nope. Max is [EMAIL PROTECTED] And for normal viewing, 1080P is still a thing in
the very long future (for your information, we just got HDTV since March)
and it would be only be interesting for the HDDVD and BluRay movies.

> - which CPU do you have and what about cpu load during of decoding 1080i ?

I have an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ with AMD
Cool'n'Quiet enabled. Currently it runs on 1Ghz (because of the AMD
Cool'n'Quiet) and vdr has a CPU load of 15% through 25%.

> - is it hard to buy this card in Europe ?

I ordered it online through Reel Germany. Ordered it Thursday, payed it
the same day using IBAN information and UPS delivered it yesterday :)

Niels Wagenaar

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