What did I start?!

For what its worth, I think VDR had DVB-S2 support (albeit patches)
long before MythTV..

VDR does need some of its core functionality upgraded - for example
something like the Reel channel scan is badly missing, you should be
able to easily scan for transponders from within VDR, just like most
satellite receivers. I've always found setting up channel lists
painful. Also, other functions such as rotor, better disecq and
sourcecaps etc should also be embedded within the core functionality
by now.

Perhaps a step towards a repo would be for people to work simply on
these core patches with the aim to actually getting them integrated.
Like mini projects, working with Klaus on the final quality on each
one. Perhaps this might be a "half way" solution that satisfies more
people and eventually Klaus might then have his lieutenants to give
further access to.

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