"Michael Stepanov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > what does "VDR distribution" mean? the vdr source code? what are you
> > trying to achieve? i guess you have to download the "desired" vdr
> > version, copy your plugins into its PLUGINS/src directory and
> > compile them as usual.
> Yes, I mean VDR sources. I understand how to build plugins using
> headers from the VDR's sources. But in my case I have patched headers
> only (source is not available yet - headers only).

i don't see the point. if the header files are different in respect to
ABI compatibillity (for example class member order, number of members
or object size) then your plugins will not work anyway. if the headers
are compatible, it does not matter which one you used to compile them.

anyway, vdr and plugins must be compiled with "compatible" header
files. this is what the APIVERSION is for. you could try to copy your
patched headers over a fresh vdr source tree and compile it including
your plugins.

hope this helps ...

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