On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 19:28:54 +0100, jori.hamalainen wrote
> > I tried to v3 patch offline from my PCH (just wget to a file and run
> > mediainfo & ffprobe etc). There seems to be progress - now ffprobe 
> > (and ffmpeg) indicates some errors in start of stream - which could 
> > be explained.
> I ran the file through ts-doctor and got following output and PCH plays
> the file ok. Recognizes audio as AC3 (without fix as DTS as reported
> previously).
> Error: Invalid packet 1, skipped! Error: illegal_adaptation_field_type
> Starting at packet 2 00:00:00.000

A hexdump of the first few packets from both, the original and the fixed
stream, would be fine.


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