>> esterday it happened - I tested Frank's patch and got a success for 
>> Streamdev - PopcornHour streaming. SD/HD channels streams nicely with 
>> TS-format so now more need to fiddle with PES-format streaming.

> Can you post a quick review of how using popcorn clients with VDR works, 
> with screenshots etc?

Sure it is possible after I get access to PCH at home.

But still this success was a "back end system" -success so there is no fancy
for PCH. PCH just shows the same web page as PC would show, as I enter the
http://vdr:3000/TS/all.html -web page with it.


I see there is not much screenshots on the web on PCH GUI. But here is one
example what users can do with skins & MSP & Apache & Tomcat or PHP.


- Use can see more GUI captures on this Skins -section of the forum


Here are some MSP plugins generated by users - and which you can test
with your PC like PCH would run it. So these are fully available under
PCH's web services menu.


Apple movie trailers:

I think MSP plugin would be best option for PCH GUI for the VDR. Easy to
and expand compared to 'hard code features' into Streamdev's
menuhttp.c-file. So the
MSP plugin for VDR just needs to sit on VDR machine - generate read data via
and generate screens with correct URLs for channels and correct mount point
URLs for
recordings (first mount VDR 'video' drive to PCH and tell plugin the mount
name of PCH).

Please note that we have been talking VDR-PCH interaction. Perhaps it should
be changed
to VDR-NMT as NMT (Networked Media Tank) is more like a standard - so all
compatible with this streaming TS and MSP for UI should work.

There are more NMT players: HDX 1000, M31B, DVP-570X, PCH

Best regards,

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