Frank Schmirler schrieb:
> On Tue, 11 Nov 2008 13:02:48 +0100, jori.hamalainen wrote
>>>> ----------- PMT 0 -----------
>>>> Packet                   : 1
>>> The fixed file starts with a PMT packet. Could PCH be choking on the fact 
>>> that the TS stream starts right in the middle of nowhere?
>> I think this is a good quess. I don't know how much PCH reads the 
>> stream for PMT table (first 10kB, first 100kB,...?), so if it does 
>> not have it in time it quits the stream.
>> So could streamdev be easily modified to provide PMT at stream 
>> start? And could PMT be rewritten later if new streams are found. 
>> With this I mean on first PMT you have audio/video-stream. And 
>> subtitle appears 60 seconds from the start so give new PMT with 
>> private subtitles streams as well?
> I opened a bug report (
> and posted a quick hack which should strip off all packets before the first
> PAT and probably some packets before the first PMT (hopefully not including
> the PMT). The PMT part needs to be elaborated. Sending a PMT with basic
> information first should be possible and sounds like a good idea. I'll take a
> look into this the next days.
>> How about the other symptom I was giving output. My VDR machine and its
>> mplayer. Sometimes it recognizes stream as MPEG-2, and sometimes 
>> H.264. What do you believe, problem with TS stream or problem with 
>> Mplayer stream recognition.
> Could have the same cause...
> Frank
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After your patch TSDoctor does not find a PAT at all! Tested with both 
versions of the patch.

Somebody in the NMT forum claims that he has it working with vdr-1.7.1 
without any modifications. H264 streams should work too according to 
this post:

Hope this helps.

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