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> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 05:22:10PM +0100, Tony Houghton wrote:
> > Can VDR handle two different types of DVB card at once? I've got two
> > different makes of DVB-T card at the moment, which is fine because
> > they share one channels.conf, but I'm thinking of replacing one with
> > DVB-S for HD. Can VDR assign a different channels.conf to each card
> > and merge the channels list for the EPG?
> For what you need different channels.conf files?
> You can use same channels.conf with combination of many different
> DVB-adapters. Source -field in channels.conf determines from which
> source the transmission is coming from.

Nice theory, but ti doesn't work in practice for me. With just the DVB-T
channels in channels.conf (I haven't got the DVB-S card working yet) and
the DVB-S card present I get "Channel unavailable" on every single
channel. Without the DVB-S card present VDR can use the DVB-T card.

Could it be a clash because both cards have a Philips SAA7146 chip
(they're both Hauppauge WinTV Nova PCI models)? If so, this problem only
arises if you try to open both cards at once, or it's unique to VDR,
because other dvb utils such as scan, tzap and dvbstream do work on the
DVB-T card when the DVB-S card is present.

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