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> Can you explain it more. What is "the right module" ? I have 2 dvb card, one
> nova-s and one nova-t. with szap i can use my nova-t. With vdr no success, i
> have "unavailable channel" when i switch to dvb-t channel.
> Plz help...

For the Nova-S I hadn't built the stv0299 module at first, and then it
wasn't installed after I thought I'd built a new kernel because recent
versions of make-kpkg don't seem to automatically rebuild after changing
something unless you delete its stamp files first.

For the Nova-T the front-end requires tda1004x and also a firmware file
called dvb-fe-tda10045.fw; /usr/src/linux/Documentation/dvb contains a
script to fetch it. If you haven't installed the firmware you'll get the
"Channel unavailable" message as above, and you'll also see "tda1004x:
firmware upload failed" in dmesg.

This depends on the model; some Nova-Ts have a completely different
chipset, usually cx88 I think. I had another card which used that, it
also needs some analog v4l drivers before the DVB drivers can be
enabled. I'm not using it ATM because I've only got 2 PCI slots.

The modules the Nova-T and Nova-S are using between them are:


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