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> Nice theory, but ti doesn't work in practice for me. With just the DVB-T
> channels in channels.conf (I haven't got the DVB-S card working yet) and
> the DVB-S card present I get "Channel unavailable" on every single
> channel. Without the DVB-S card present VDR can use the DVB-T card.
> Could it be a clash because both cards have a Philips SAA7146 chip
> (they're both Hauppauge WinTV Nova PCI models)? If so, this problem only
> arises if you try to open both cards at once, or it's unique to VDR,
> because other dvb utils such as scan, tzap and dvbstream do work on the
> DVB-T card when the DVB-S card is present.

OK, it seems that it was the problem with the DVB-S card that was
blocking the DVB-T card too. Once I got the right module installed for
the DVB-S's frontend VDR could use the DVB-T card properly.

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