On Thursday 20 Nov 2008, Alex Betis wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is there a plugin for VDR (I use 1.7.1) that allows a windows based
> client to watch the channels remotely?
> What windows based clients can I use in that case?
> Is there a network overhead for watching a stream? I mean if the stream
> is 5Mbit, will it take 5Mbit of my network or the traffic will take
> more? In case the client is used with a small window that can't show
> the whole picture, will the network load be reduced?

One option is the vomp plugin which has a client built to run under 

See: http://www.loggytronic.com/vomp.php

I've only had a quick play with the windows client but it worked 
reasonably well. I _think_ it will do both live TV and recordings but, as 
I say, it was a while back that I tried the windows client (I regularly 
use the MediaMVP client, though, and it works really well).

Other options might be streamdev and vlc?



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