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> Hi
> The best solution, at my opinion, is to use the plugin vomp under vdr and
> run
> the vompclient under windows, you will have access to channels, records and
> timers
> http://www.loggytronic.com/vomp.php

Thanks. Nice project. I'll try to use it, few questions still bother me.
What is MVP that that client was intended to use?
Why creating its own GUI and not pass the output of VDR (with all the menus)
on the network to the client as VLC and streamdev do it?
Maybe the intention was to pass only DVB traffic...

Anyone tried to use the VOMP client as an output device on Linux instead of
xine or softdevice?


> Best regards
> Selon Alex Betis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > Is there a plugin for VDR (I use 1.7.1) that allows a windows based
> client
> > to watch the channels remotely?
> > What windows based clients can I use in that case?
> >
> > Is there a network overhead for watching a stream? I mean if the stream
> is
> > 5Mbit, will it take 5Mbit of my network or the traffic will take more?
> > In case the client is used with a small window that can't show the whole
> > picture, will the network load be reduced?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
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