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> Thanks. Nice project. I'll try to use it, few questions still bother me.
> What is MVP that that client was intended to use?

The Hauppauge MediaMVP is a small settop box.

> Why creating its own GUI and not pass the output of VDR (with all the 
> menus) on the network to the client as VLC and streamdev do it?

Because it is faster to create a text GUI on the box, instead of 
transferring the OSD over the wire.

> Maybe the intention was to pass only DVB traffic...
> Anyone tried to use the VOMP client as an output device on Linux instead 
> of xine or softdevice?

I am using it with the MediaMVP box, and LOVE it. Recently looked at 
the Windows version, and it was quite usable as well. The Qt port is 
very early, but might already be usable (not tested).
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