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> The line I gave is for VDR 1.7.0 native (multiproto plus) plus patch S H264 ..
> and no more addons
> If you have no images, check if VDR did not update the channel automatically 
> and
> put zero on VPID .. If the option setup/dvb card/ update channels is ON or
> "update PID" or "update name" etc , set it to off and reset channel to VPID 
> 3401
> and PPID to 3401 too
> ITV HD broadcast with a special video PID and VDR is not able to catch it so
> jerk setup every time .. there is no update for this channel from a long time
> ITV broadcast a "service not available" when there is nothing to watch, so you
> can setup easyly your vdr

OK, that seems to be what happened. I just about get sound and picture,
but not usable, because nothing but libxine recognises the stream and it
will only use one CPU core regardless of the ffmpeg_thread_count
setting. Perhaps it uses libx264 directly?

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