Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> Well, if they don't broadcast their Vpid in the SI data, how is a
> receiver supposed to know what to receive?
> Maybe you should complain to the broadcaster about this.
> Klaus

Afaik this is intentional to limit the scope of viewers to users of 
their "Freesat" receivers. So this problem also exist for other 
(non-freesat) receivers out there that do not allow manual vpid 
settings. While vdr does allow setting the vpid (while not auto-updating 
channel data) in this case recording seams to fail anyway while live 
view is working.

I know, this is non-standard behaviour and you probably do not want to 
support this by adjusting vdr. On the other hand, if (with manual 
interaction) its possible to view the channel, shouldn't it also be 
possible to record it?

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