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> You need a compositing window manager to see both the hud osd and
> video at the same time.
> I recommend xcompmgr because it can run in parallel to your normal
> window manager and serve the necessary compositing extensions as an
> addition. Of the compositing managers I've tried it also seems to be
> the fastest / least cpu intensive.

After reading your mail I have tried yesterday again to use xcompmgr instead
of compiz for the hud osd without success. The osd doesn't show up. I think
my configuration can't be that wrong, as the hud osd is shown with compiz. Any
hints what I have to look for?

I use xineliboutput 1.0.3 on Intrepid Ibex with the nvidia x11 driver.
My xinitrc contains only calls to nvidia-settings for setting the blanking
interrupts and unclutter to let the mouse cursor disappear beside the
calls to compiz or xcompmgr. Is xcompmgr no replacement for compiz? Does
xcompmgr need something else?


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