Antti Seppälä wrote:
> Reports about this pop-up occasionally so I'll try to clarify:
> You need a compositing window manager to see both the hud osd and
> video at the same time.
> I recommend xcompmgr because it can run in parallel to your normal
> window manager and serve the necessary compositing extensions as an
> addition. Of the compositing managers I've tried it also seems to be
> the fastest / least cpu intensive.
> So install xcompmgr and run:
> xcompmgr -n&
> prior to starting vdr-sxfe --hud
> You'll need to setup xorg.conf so that compositing is enabled. IOW you
> should have lines similar to following in you xorg.conf:
> Section "Extensions"
>     Option "Composite" "Enable"
> EndSection
> Concerning your other display issues (opengl osd etc.) I'd recommend
> trying without patched vdr and maybe latest version of xine-lib.

In addition to that I believe one needs to use Textured video instead of 
Overlay to get transparency working.


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