Posted by Michael Larabel on November 29, 2008

Last month NVIDIA brought PureVideo features to Linux through a new API they 
call the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix in their NVIDIA 180.xx 

NVIDIA also provided a set of patches that enabled MPlayer to use this API that 
offloads video decoding and other tasks to the GPU. The formats supported by 
VDPAU are currently H.264, MPEG, WMV3, and VC-1. In our VDPAU benchmarks we 
found this NVIDIA video implementation to work very well and the CPU usage was 
much lower during video playback. 

With NVIDIA providing a header file in the driver that details this API, the 
community has been able to study VDPAU and one of the first fruits of this work 
is now available. Committed to MythTV is a VDPAU decoder. 

VDPAU in MythTV has full OSD (On-Screen Display), de-interlacers, color 
controls, and codecs support through the Video Decode and Presentation API for 
Unix. MythTV will automatically use VDPAU when it's compatible with the video 
format otherwise it falls back to using X-Video. According to those that have 
tested it already, this community VDPAU implementation in MythTV actually 
exceeds that of NVIDIA's patch in MPlayer when it comes to quality and its 

This should be great news to anyone with a recent NVIDIA graphics card that 
uses MythTV for their HTPC needs.

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