On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Georg Acher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Why all this eHD-bashing? Just because a *commercial* company already made a
> complete HDTV-vdr-solution more than 18 months ago that the vdr-community
> hasn't achieved until now?
> Of course the eHD won't live forever, probably not half as long as the
> FF-card, but it solved an imminent issue at that time and it allowed to run
> vdr and HDTV on it.
> The reelvdr code base is tested by a really large number of users (many
> thousands and not many geeks ;-) ). Is there any specific reason why you
> don't want to profit from the experiences RMM already made?


I have bought an eHD for my vanilla VDR, possibly like many other
users on here - firstly I must say it is a nice solution, the picture
quality is very nice and unlike when I was using my 3Ghz Core 2
processor and xine output plugin with CoreAVC there are no issues with
deinterlacing of sport channels / live content etc and it looks
excellent with no stuttering etc - also leaves the CPU free.

However, there are some limitations of using one of these devices and
the problem is, where does one get support for the issues? I have
tried your support forum and found the answer to be that I should
implement your own version of VDR (based on 1.4.7?) because the
vanilla version does not currently use TS etc.

Are you selling single eHD cards solely for implementation within Reel
devices? If so, I believe you should make this clear as I wasn't aware
of this and other users won't be. Some of the problems I have when
running eHD with VDR 1.7.0 are: -

1) Upgrading the latest testing version SVN often causes problems with
compilation and you have to try and track down patches from other
sites, or for bleeding edge SVN there simply aren't any available
resulting in it not being possible to compile it. Would it be possible
for Reel to host patches that will apply to vanilla VDR to make this
operate, or have I missed this already?

2) Seeking forward/backward/play/pause/fast forward/fast rewind in
recordings does not work very well and there is a bad delay and lag
when using these functions. This is frustrating and irritates my wife!

3) You cannot play MKV files with the xine mediaplayer (although I
think this also applies to Reel products)

4) Some channels don't work, e.g. BBC HD (very important for us
Brits), SVT HD and others. Apparently BBC HD has been fixed in the
Reel products but it doesn't work for vanilla VDR

5) If the stream is interrupted (i.e. weak signal)  on HD channels /
recordings then the picture does not recover until a channel change.
This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed.

I hope the above helps, the eHD is a very nice solution but has some
issues and for vanilla VDR users
right now there doesnt appear to be any way to get them fixed.



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