> It is already possible to have disks array, DVB devices, and all the
> cables down in the closet, and as many clients we want behind each TV
> set, with only a CAT5 cable and an IR sensor. That's just difficult.
> Moving existing plugin code into the VDR core, and getting some out of
> the core, into plugin, would do a lot in the "right" direction.

I can say I've seen many people move away from VDR because it doesn't
provide a good solution to this.  After years of using standalone VDR
boxes, I too would love if we had the option to use a networked VDR
with each client being exactly as you described...  Diskless, and only
with ethernet cable + IR sensor, and each with an own OSD to control
his VDR thread.

> I trust Klaus to eventually get to it, and the community to provide good
> plugins, providing a tremendous network STB system. I'm not impatient at
> all, I know this will happen. The more time it take, the better will be
> the solution, the longer it will stay.

The need/want is there for this but I have to disagree about trusting
Klaus will get to it.  I apologize if I'm incorrect but as far as I
know he has no plans to make such mods and recommends you use
something else if that's what you want.  I think Klaus openly admits
that he's mostly concerned with his own needs and intended that VDR be
a standalone system.  Which is fine, as it's creator he has every
right to stick to that.  I personally see so much potential in what
VDR could become but whether or not it ever gets there is uncertain in
my opinion.  As a long time user who would love nothing more then to
be able to stay with VDR, I hope that it will evolve along with the

Although talking about such things seems almost like day-dreaming, one
thing that we finally are getting is support for TS recordings and
h264 support which I think is a big step in the right direction so to
that I say Viva La Klaus!  ;)

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