On Sunday 04 January 2009, Vladimir Kangin wrote:

> You right. For example I'm keen of LinuxMCE (www.linuxmce.org) and it
> has a script that looking for media files, thus all .vdr are recognised
> as a video files of VDR while is not. It would would be a very wise step
> to improve this at the same time...

Without knowing a thing about LinuxMCE, I suppose its scripts could be 
improved to only look for <numbers>.vdr.  For example, if it uses find(1), 
instead of

    find /some/dir -name '*.vdr'

...it could do:

    find /some/dir -regex '.*/[0-9]+\.vdr'

...or if "-regex" is a problem, perhaps even simply this would be an 
improvement over '*.vdr':

    find /some/dir -name '???.vdr'

(This is not in any way an objection to the renaming plans discussed here 
lately, the outcome of that seems good to me.)

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