On 04.01.2009 11:55, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Up to now VDR has used names like 001.vdr for its recording files.
> While moving to Transport Stream as the recording format, I need to
> use a different file name extension, and so was wondering which one
> to use. My first idea was *.ts, for "Transport Stream", but when I
> point, for instance, Konqueror to such a file, it thinks it is a
> "Qt Translation Source". So I was wondering if I should use *.mpg
> instead. This one is identified by Konqueror as an MPEG file and
> will make it launch a proper player.
> What do you think about this?
> Is *.mpg also appropriate for h.264 encoded files?

AFAICT the "norm" is to name the suffix after the container-format used, 
not what is stored inside the container. (Or would you use different 
suffixes for different types of files you put into a .tar-Archive?)

So as .ts is the container it should be the appropriate suffix.

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