On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 8:37 AM, Diego Pierotto <vdr_ml...@tiscali.it> wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger ha scritto:
>> Up to now VDR has used names like 001.vdr for its recording files.
>> While moving to Transport Stream as the recording format, I need to
>> use a different file name extension, and so was wondering which one
>> to use. My first idea was *.ts, for "Transport Stream", but when I
>> point, for instance, Konqueror to such a file, it thinks it is a
>> "Qt Translation Source". So I was wondering if I should use *.mpg
>> instead. This one is identified by Konqueror as an MPEG file and
>> will make it launch a proper player.

The obvious choice is of course .ts as every app I've ever seen/used
that handles transport streams uses it by default.  Using .mpg would
be wrong for the reasons already stated.  The extention (.ts, .avi,
.mkv, etc) should designate the contianer, not the contents.

I don't see why VDR should have to worry Konqueror's problems.  If the
Konqueror devs made the mistake of assuming *.ts is a quicktime file,
it's up to them to fix it, not VDR to do something goofy to compensate
for it!  Or if Konqueror offers an option like 'Open With' with and a
'always use this' checkbox like Windows Explorer then users can
control it themselves.

If this is a vote, then I say .ts without question.

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