> Have you tried to compile vdr with the livebuffer patch?
> This makes xineliboutput work with VDR (at least 1.7.1).

No, and I am little confused where is the version I could try with 
vdr.1.7.x. I found out 3 candidates while googling, should I try one of 
these with vdr-1.7.3 or some other one?

  - http://home.vrweb.de/~bergwinkl.thomas, This page mentions the patch 
only for vdr-1.5
  - VDR-Extensions-Patch-65/vdr-1.7.2_extensions.diff seems to include 
livebuffer patch (but has unfortunately also many other patches within 
same patch and wont propably apply with 1.7.3)
  - VDR-Extensions-Patch-65/plugin-patches/setup-0.3.1-livebuffer.diff


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