after being away 7 month from VDR development I'm pleased to
announce release 0.9.0. You can find it on my homepage as usual:


Excerpt from HISTORY:

2009-01-12: Version 0.9.0

- Updated INSTALL and MANUAL accordingly.
- Fixed several multithreading issues which got triggered on
  SMP systems (thanks to Edgar (gimli) Hucek for reporting
  issues and testing fixes).
- Added support for VDR-1.7.3 besides TS still pictures.
- Pulled patched VDR-1.7.2's remux.[ch] for a quick adaption to
  to VDR-1.7.3 (thanks to Klaus Schmidinger for his approval).
- Fixed PTS handling in xine-lib's FFmpeg decoder for recent
  FFmpeg versions which should provide better A/V sync now.
- Added patch sets to input_vdr.c which allow to omit parts of
  the MRL, e. g. vdr:// should be sufficient now (thanks to
  Ludwig Nussel for providing them).
- Make use of new OSD functionality in xine-lib-1.2. For now
  an OSD implementation must provide both new features to have
  vdr-xine make use of it.
- Extended OSD support in xine-lib-1.2 to allow truecolor OSDs
  as well as hardware scaled OSDs. The new functionality is
  currently only provided by VDPAU enabled installations.
- Added frame grabbing support for accelerated frame formats to
  xine-lib. Previously, xine-lib exitted the app when frame
  grabbing was requested for accelerated frame formats like
  xxmc. You'll now get a green image in that case. Reading back
  the content of an accelerated frame is currently only
  provided by VDPAU enabled installations.
- Hacked support for VDR-1.7.1's new cDevice::PlayTs() method.
- Grab image nolonger needs pnmcut to select the relevant area
  of the TV image. Besides that, grab image respects the aspect
  ratio you select in VDR's setup menu, i. e. a 16:9 setup and
  a 16:9 broadcast will grab you a image without black borders.
  A mismatch of aspect ratios will add black borders to the
  image to match the visual impression you get on your TV set.
  Additionally, the grabbing of field pictures was corrected
  with regard to color upsampling.
- A script mkNoSignal.sh is provided to create custom logos.
  Just provide PNG files named noSignal16x9*.png (and ...4x3...
  respectively) and have the tools mentioned in INSTALL in your
  path. You'll have to move your custom logos then over the
  default files.
- The vdr-xine logo is now available in two aspect ratios (4:3
  and 16:9) as more channels provide 16:9 content. Then vdr-xine
  selects the logo which matches VDR's DVB setup option video
- Added the ability to detect discontinuities in live TV and
  to start a new buffering period in such a case. This will
  help to resume to fluent playback from bad weather conditions
  or when disconnecting and reattaching the antenna cable.
- Updated it_IT.po (thanks to Diego Pierotto for providing the

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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