I want to replace my UK Sky digital box with VDR (I only want the free 
to air channels) for watching/recording TV over HDMI on my plasma.  So 
far everything is working OK, I have vdr 1.7.3 and xine running on an 
ASUS M2N VM-HDMI (nvidia) mobo with the s2-liplianin drivers for my Nova 
SD2 card.  My problem is interlacing.  I've googled back through the 
archives and got a lot of info from there, however I still have one 
question and one request.

If X is put into an interlaced mode (1920x1080i @ 50Hz), and I do not do 
any de interlacing in xine, why is this not the same as what my digibox 
does?  I'm guessing it has something to do with xine outputting a 
complete frame when the broadcast sends each field?  What I'd hope 
happen (for interlaced material) is that xine receives a field from VDR, 
scales it to the X resolution (halfed vertically of course) and sends it 
to the the graphics card which just passes it on to the TV which draws 
that field.  That doesn't seem to happen so where have I gone wrong?

There's a lot of options for tvtime in xine, TomsMoComp and full 
framerate seem popular.  What settings are others using?


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