On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 09:54:18PM +0000, Scott Waye wrote:
> I want to replace my UK Sky digital box with VDR (I only want the free 
> to air channels) for watching/recording TV over HDMI on my plasma.  So 
> far everything is working OK, I have vdr 1.7.3 and xine running on an 
> ASUS M2N VM-HDMI (nvidia) mobo with the s2-liplianin drivers for my Nova 
> SD2 card.  My problem is interlacing.  I've googled back through the 
> archives and got a lot of info from there, however I still have one 
> question and one request.
> If X is put into an interlaced mode (1920x1080i @ 50Hz), and I do not do 
> any de interlacing in xine, why is this not the same as what my digibox 
> does?  I'm guessing it has something to do with xine outputting a 
> complete frame when the broadcast sends each field?  What I'd hope 
> happen (for interlaced material) is that xine receives a field from VDR, 
> scales it to the X resolution (halfed vertically of course) and sends it 
> to the the graphics card which just passes it on to the TV which draws 
> that field.  That doesn't seem to happen so where have I gone wrong?
> There's a lot of options for tvtime in xine, TomsMoComp and full 
> framerate seem popular.  What settings are others using?


Please check this thread:

Original patches:

New version:

Those might help.. they're about getting pure 1:1 interlaced (576i) RGB
output from a VGA card.. and the new version also has some HDTV stuff, I guess. 
I don't read german so i'm not familiar with that..

There are also patches to maintain perfect field sync to DVB stream to avoid

-- Pasi

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