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> On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 18:19:49 +0200
> "Ville Aakko" <ville.aa...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1) You need  to enable sync on vblanck.
> [Snip]
>> The first is not possible on all drivers (i.e. fglrx).
> Absolutely not possible? I know OpenGL, DRI and NVidia drivers all have
> APIs for waiting for vblank and ISTR seeing a xine option for vblank
> sync with Xv. Do none of these work with fglrx? Nvidia's settings tool
> has options to disable vblank sync for OpenGL and video, but I don't
> know whether by setting it off it disables syncing altogether or by
> setting it on it forces flip operations to automatically wait for
> vblank.

AFAIK this is a known issue with fglrx drivers. The API is there, but
with fglrx the detection is (currently) broken, at least on 8.11
(which is what I'm using currently). I think I saw someone in some
forum getting vsync working with fglrx but only for 'mplayer -vo gl'.
But that was an exception-

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