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>> Does anyone use checkinstall instead of "make install" in order to
>> build a xine-lib debian package?

> This is not the right way to build a debian package, it is a dirty hack.
> All the files that are necessary for building a debian package are already
> there if you check xine-lib-1.2 out using 'hg clone
> http://hg.debian.org/hg/xine-lib/xine-lib-1.2'.

Or if you grab a snapshot tarball (but not from Debian experimental, since
that tarball was built using "make dist"; OTOH, you have the .diff.gz).

> With 'debuild -uc -us -rfakeroot' in the xine-lib-1.2 directory, the
> xline-lib gets compiled and you have debian packages afterwords one
> directory up.

As well as source packages, which you (probably) don't need or want. I
normally just use "debuild binary", but adding in the signing-prevention
options is useful for others.

It does depend on whether you're distributing or not, but if you are, I
suggest "make dist-gzip", unpack the tarball, copy the Debian directory into
it, add a changelog entry (it's worth mentioning the changeset ID) then

> At least this is the way I build my ubuntu packages for xine-lib with vdpau
> patches.

You have the right idea. :-)

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