On 31.01.2009 06:13, Alex Betis wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:50 PM, Klaus Schmidinger
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>     On 30.01.2009 22:12, Alex Betis wrote:
>     > Hi all,
>     >
>     > Is there any configuration that disables EPG updates received on the
>     > channel?
>     > Or is there a way to shift time of those updates before they are
>     written
>     > to EPG.data?
>     >
>     > The problem is that I have some channels that are transmitted for
>     > different time zones that start transmitting EPG info, but looks like
>     > the EPG is not shifted. There are some other shifted channels that do
>     > transmit the EPG properly, so I believe that's a provider problem.
>     The times given in EPG data are supposed to be in UTC, so different
>     time zones
>     are of no interest. If teh times are not in UTC, the providers are
>     messing up.
> So how VDR or any other settop box should know that the channel is
> shifted in time?

Beats me!

> As an example, 75.0E has NTV and NTV-2, or DTV and DTV-2

Please post the complete channels.conf entries of these channels.

>     > I use s script that updates those channels from internet, so I don't
>     > mind to disable EPG update received on the channel.
>     You can set the "table id" of these events to 0 (see man 5 vdr).
> The problem is not with overwriting the data, but appending the wrong
> data for that channel.
> I see both script inserted and DVB transmitted data that are differ.
> Is there such "table id" setting per channel and not per EPG entry?

No, this is per EPG event, not per channel.


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