On 06.02.2009 13:49, Alex Betis wrote:
> I'm playing now with autoshutdown script (the one that is specified with
> -s switch) and have a question.
> When power button is pressed, VDR calls the script, but lets say the
> script decided not to
> shutdown the PC (other background work is done). I see that VDR shows a
> countdown of
> 5 minutes saying that it will shutdown soon.

VDR does not know whether the shutdown script initiated the shutdown or 
decided to ignore it, so it simply sets the SHUTDOWNRETRY time (6 
minutes) until next shutdown attempt. The 5-minute countdown will 
automatically start after the first minute.

> What are the common ways to cancel that?
> I thought about sending a "back" button using SVDRP. Is there any other
> methods?

There is no official way to announce background activity from outside of 
VDR. Sending a keystroke would work, but probably shifts shutdown 
several hours into the future. Sending a poweroff when done is also a 
bad idea, as an user might be using VDR by now.

The easiest way is to just assume that no one sees the countdowns, and 
keep trying shutdown until it succeeds. Any user activity will make the 
countdown disappear anyway.

Plugins have more control over shutdown, they can report their activity 
and can even announce future activity, leaving VDR the decision to shut 
down until then or not.



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