I am using xxv with my vdr, but lately there has been strange problem. 
Couple of channels are missing most of the EPG data. Same data is in the 
vdr epg file, but does not appear in xxv. I have tried to look some 
erros from log file but haven't found any error messages.

This was what I did found:
853 (200) [2009-02-12 20:39:37] EPG: Compare EPG Database with data from 
vdr : 55 / 181 for channel 'Sub' - C-0-2-97

If I have understood correctly number 55 refers to programs in xxv 
database and 181 to programs in vdr epg file. At least most of the 
channels these two are the same and one can see all event in epg.

Has anyone any ideas how to fix the problem?

Best regards,

ps. I am from Finland if that is important and have ubuntu interid and 
vdr-xxv is from hanno repository.

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