Matti Ropo wrote:
> Hi
> I am using xxv with my vdr, but lately there has been strange problem. 
> Couple of channels are missing most of the EPG data. Same data is in the 
> vdr epg file, but does not appear in xxv. I have tried to look some 
> erros from log file but haven't found any error messages.
> This was what I did found:
> 853 (200) [2009-02-12 20:39:37] EPG: Compare EPG Database with data from 
> vdr : 55 / 181 for channel 'Sub' - C-0-2-97
> If I have understood correctly number 55 refers to programs in xxv 
> database and 181 to programs in vdr epg file. At least most of the 
> channels these two are the same and one can see all event in epg.

Some operators (at least Welho) have rearranged their channel id's,
so you may need to re-scan your channels or allow VDR to automatically
update pid's and id's.

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